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Key Benefits of Freezone Business Setup in Dubai

Key Benefits of Freezone Business setup in Dubai

Key Benefits of Freezone Business setup in Dubai

Benefits of Business setup in Freezone

A business venture in Dubai is a dream for each expats in UAE. With the new rules & regulations of the UAE. The dream become realistic to many. According to the new UAE law updates, there is no more needed an Emirati sponsor, and there is also large variations in the tax jurisdictions for company setup in freezone. Everything is better to favor for starting a business in a hassle-free manner. The Freezones of UAE have become the major trading hub of the region with the business support initiatives offered by the UAE Government and the Free Zone Authorities . The optimum business environment for foreign investors is the only focus of the UAE’s free zones. Due to the business support programs provided by the UAE Government and the Free Zone Authorities, the UAE free zones have emerged as the primary trading center of the region.

Procedures for Business setup in Freezon

There are specific rules and regulations for establishing a business in a free zone. The process of business setup in a free zone is comparatively easy. Business license application procedures are simple. Also, the visa availability for skilled workers is very affordable. There is an abundance of availability of office space for sale as well as rent. In free zones, there is no timing restrictions to operate offices. In all the basis businesses in the free zone are favorable for foreign investors.

Is there is any tax jurisdiction for freezone companies?

There is a large difference in tax jurisdiction for a free zone company and other company formations. Such as completely tax-free – Corporate Tax, Income tax. And the most interesting is that few zones in UAE are even excluding the VAT for the business transactions within the free zones.

Is there is any benefits in business set up in Freezone

Imports into the Free Zone companies are exempt from customs duty. It will be a significant benefit both for domestic and international trading companies.

Global interconnection, proximity to one of the world’s busiest airports and seaports — Direct connections via airports and seaports to over 180 countries worldwide are available.

Easily you can scale up your business by leveraging the enormous business opportunities provided by the Freezone through networking, meetings, and events.

The entire business setup process in the free zone is simple and quick, thanks to collaboration with the UAE government to make the process investor-friendly. The system organizes the entire process, and the documentation is minimal and basic. The most notable aspect is that the entire process can take up to four weeks.

Professionals of RVG will provide detailed information and procedures for business setup services in the UAE.

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